Kathleen Quinlan, stars as Nora Valentino, a woman whose husband, Mitch (John Doman; Blue Valentine, The Company Men), loves her more than anything in the world. So much so that he, along with his four children and sister-in-law (played by award winning actors; Pablo Schreiber, Sabrina Gennarino, Adam Scrimbolo, Diane Neal), have gone to obscene lengths to hide a horror too painful for Nora to bear.

The compelling journey this family, whose love and honesty has been replaced with lies and secrets, leaves you guessing to the very end.

Director, Pieter Gaspersz, beautifully and intelligently peels away the layers, to reveal the tragic secret that haunts this family, whose actions have unforeseeable consequences.

Nothing is as it seems and you will want to watch it again to see what you missed.