The Fabric Of A Man is a masterful mix of comedy, romance, and inspiration. It’s the story of Dominique Majors, an up-and-coming fashion designer in love with a successful stockbroker who wishes she’d focus less on her career and more on him. Fed up with his controlling ways, she inadvertently stumbles into Ray’s Fluff and Fold, an antiquated old-school dry cleaner in downtown Brooklyn. There, she meets Joshua King, played by Darrin DeWitt Henson, a socially conscious, spiritually balanced, and good-looking young tailor who takes interest in more than just her cleaning. Torn between the comfort and security of finance, or the passion and potential for romance, Dominique is forced to decide which fabric of which man best suits her.
“The challenge in this character is to tell the truth about an individual I knew nothing about,” Darrin DeWitt Henson says. Darrin’s character (Joshua King) is the hero and main character in the play even though he doesn’t sing one note. He was the ‘good man’ that character Dominique (Tammy Townsend) won in the end after dealing with a self-centered, underhanded Blair, played by Clifton Powell (who also doesn’t sing)