Ain’t That The Truth


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The pages of this book are meant to remind us that no one is perfect. But we can be better than we were yesterday. Remove fear, remove doubt and look towards your future. Create the you that you want to be tomorrow, today.

I welcome you to be reminded of the love that you should have for self and others and be reminded that sometimes we just have bad days. But look forward to good days. This book can be a constant reminder, when read everyday, how blessed we truly are and how thankful we should be.

Our life is what we make it. Make your days beautiful days by focusing on what is beautiful around you. I ask you to share this book and these pages in fun, in love and integrity and hope that we are all moving towards a better life and a better future. You are a beautiful spirit, which is growing everyday. #ainthatthetruth

Much love and respect

Darrin Henson

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