Bio 2015
DARRIN DEWITT HENSON, In 2015 Darrin Dewitt Henson can be seen in the feature
film “Chocolate City” which is an African-American version of Magic Mike .Henson
will also star beside Denise Boutte in call Weber’s “Choir Director”

January was brewing for Darrin as he played the lead role in “BLACK COFFEE”Robert (Darrin Dewitt Henson) has just been fired by his frustrated father when he meets the beautiful Morgan  and his love life starts to look up. Just as Robert and Morgan are getting to know one another, however, Morgan’s scheming ex-husband shows up seeking to make amends. Meanwhile, Robert’s greedy ex-girlfriend Mita  has started coming back around, too.

Darrin in april of 2014 made a impact on film once again  as the husband (Derrick) Stuck in a six-month sexual ‘dry spell,’ a young husband and wife decide to rekindle their love life by having a one-night stand with another couple. But all four soon find themselves unprepared for the complicated web of lies, jealousy, and forbidden attractions that follow.

Henson grew to fame when playing Lem Van Adams on the hit Showtime series “Soul
Food.” For five seasons Henson has given a compelling performance of a street
hustler turned husband, father and businessman.

Darrin Dewitt Henson can be seen in the Universal film “The Express” where he
plays, the legendary, Jim Brown opposite Dennis Quaid. He had a lead role in
“Stomp the Yard”, a film released through Sony Screen Gems

Henson has created his new web series THE HOTEL  which can be seen on you tube.

Henson is also an MTV AWARD RECIPIENT  for his work with NSYNC’S -BYE,BYE,BYE VIDEO

Darrin has also been nominated 4 times for an NAACP IMAGE  AWARD

3 times for his role on “SOUL FOOD ”

1 time for his book “INTIMATE THOUGHTS”

Henson is also the national spokes person for the M.A L.EE SCHOLARSHIP FUND